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This is my art, and literature! Enjoy!

Leaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumari Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumari


I love nature art most of all, so don't be surprised that most of my favorites are of trees


We invite you into the world of magic ~ by Gewalgon

The work you did on this is not only stunning; but also possesses a beautiful ethereal quality. The texture of this painting complement...

I'm an author and because of that, I love to write critiques. If you're ever in need of some honest and helpful advice, just ask me ^-^



Darkness and Light by Avatar-Art
Darkness and Light
I had originally started this picture in January, yes nearly a year ago, but i had gotten so caught up that i forgot to ever finish it. Luckily it's finally completed <3

This is for my boyfriend of almost two years, inspired by how we met in a random Roleplay with me as an Elf and him as a dark Mage.  Aka, Darkness and Light. I hope you like it love, and LOOK! I even made your armor glow xD



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United States

My name's iliana. However everyone just calls me ilia.

Dark green bullet by boIide I'm over a hundred years old, but I doubt anyone will believe me (;
:thumb387314971: I'm female (and also an elf, but don't tell anyone ;))
Dark green bullet by boIide I have waist-length brown hair, and hazel-green eyes.
:thumb387314971: I'm extremely pale because I avoid sunlight like the plague xD
Dark green bullet by boIide If you're wondering, I'm 5'6" tall and weigh roughly 110 pounds.
:thumb387314971: I love the sport Archery!!!
Dark green bullet by boIide I also love the color green

Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction Now that I've finished all the unimportant stuff, I think I owe everyone a brief explanation. I'm not on here much. I think most of you would have figured that out by now, but I"m just clarifying in case you haven't. Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction

Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction I love to write stories and the number one focus of my art is always on the novel I'm working, which name is still not fully decided on yet.
iliana Alimera is the main character, as I'm sure most of you know. And unintentionally she came to be based after myself.
The villain, who I often draw, goes by the name of Valdorn. (I have this bad habit of putting those two in pictures together, but no, they are NOT a couple ^^; )Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction

Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction I can't help that I've acquired so many friends during my time here; but I love them all dearly and I hope they remain safe against whatever struggles may come their way some day. I owe them all so much for their support and kindness. Thank you all of you for being here for me. Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction

Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction To everyone else: I wish you the safest of travels. May the wind be ever at your back and may the stars continue to light your path. Navi Bullet by CyphonFiction

ilia and Valdorn by Avatar-Art Valdorn the Demon by Avatar-Art You belong to me.... by Avatar-Art
A man of darkness makes his home in this world....
I have no choice left but to run....
I joined deviantArt close to Two years ago now, and when I joined.. I wasn't really looking for a site to make artwork.
I came here as a writer and spent the majority of my time trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged. I can remember starting out, not knowing anything. Literally the first thing I remember doing was staring at my profile page, thinking: "What on earth am I suppose to write about myself?"

I didn't have that much of a personality, I wasn't around that many people, and the only thing I could think of that I liked was Shadow the Hedgehog. (yeah.. that was a long time ago.) 
So there I was, trying to theme my account after Sonic, or rather Shadow, while knowing at the same time that it WASN'T what I really liked or enjoyed. Still I went with it though and made some artwork and stories after the Hedgehog. But I wasn't really.... happy...

Shadow Fan by Avatar-Art

This piece of artwork, which I entitled "Shadow Fan", was one of the first pieces of Sonic Fan Art that I created. It was a birthday present for a friend of mine. But even though I was happy he liked it.. I wasn't entirely happy with it myself. It just didn't feel right to make Fan art. So I set out right then and there to find a purpose. Something that I REALLY loved.

I hunted through pictures and artwork and met so many wonderful people. Although I became a somewhat silent follower due to my reserved nature, I found inspiration through so many things. It was amazing, but the more art and stories I discovered that I enjoyed, the more I came to know exactly what I wanted to be. Who I wanted to be.

I fell in love with Fantasy, and the world of Elves Sword Fight 

I realized then that the thing I loved most was writing and drawing Fantasy, particularly of characters from my novel. I didn't upload any of my story here, but I started drawing countless of pictures, striving to get better and better. I still have a long way to go, but I'm working to improve wherever I can. And I believe that's what's most important of all. :heart: revamp 

ilia and Valdorn by Avatar-Art

This picture was one of the first true anime pictures I had ever done. At this point, after I quit with the fan art, I wanted to start trying to draw things with a new style. I didn't yet know what I was aiming for, but this piece "ilia and Valdorn" was the start.
I had just started out the story of Princess iliana being the prisoner to the Demon Valdorn, but I wanted to try to capture her terror and shock. I don't believe I did quite that well with this, however; but it was only the beginning of my art. I had a long way to go.

ilia The Prisoner by Avatar-Art

This piece, "ilia The Prisoner" is perhaps my most favorite picture I have ever done. I worked incredibly hard to improve from the first picture I did, and my first goal was to work with realism and clearer art. I tried a different style of texture for this, and ultimately, I think it came out quite well. This artwork was also the first one where I ever sat down and TRULY thought about what I wanted iliana to look like. I themed her after myself and the outfit after something I had seen in a movie. But from there, I needed to start drawing the villain of my story.

Valdorn the Demon (reworked) by Avatar-Art

With this picture, "Valdorn the Demon", it was the first time I had ever drawn a male character. Of course, I had done one a bit earlier, but it was only a side-view, not a straight-on shot like this. I had to do a LOT of research for this picture, but I've had several people tell me Valdorn actually looks feminine in this facepalm 
Again, I tried a bit of a different style, but I still hadn't found one that suited me yet. All I can say is that I'm really happy with his expression. I tried so hard to capture a smug, arrogant smirk on his face. It fits his personality perfectly. 

You belong to me.... by Avatar-Art

Lastly, this art piece, "You belong to me....", was one of the most recent pictures I have done. I worked EXTREMELY hard on this picture and put more detail into it than I have with any other picture in the past. I tried to use every skill I have learned so far to make a realistic background, as well as work on the effects. It has a great deal of meaning to me because of what I'd been going through in my life during this time, but it also means so much more. It shows me that I'm capable of actually making good artwork. 
(Sadly though, the app I was drawing this on has some flaws with the effects and the art doesn't look quite as good when enlarged.)

So many people on this site have inspired me to try to improve my artwork. I follow many of them, but I have yet to speak to them about how greatly they and their artwork have effected me. But these people.. they have amazing gifts. And although I'm only going to list a few of the artists I know and follow, I know there is so many other talented people out there as well. 
DevaintArt is truly a place for seeing new things and aspiring to work hard to make your dreams come true.

  • My inspirations

  • :iconreneaigner:

  • :iconnoahbradley:

  • :iconrachopin77:
  • :iconjcbarquet:
  • :iconkaramissa:
  • :iconalynspiller:
  • :iconjjcanvas:
  • :iconsketchbookuniverse:
  • :iconsandara:

These people are just some of the very amazing artists out there, and I admire and look up to all of them. I haven't spoken much to any of them outside my few comments and favs, but I'd certainly give all of them my thanks. There's so much beauty in their artwork. Sometimes to the point where I just stare at a painting for a full minute thinking: "Wow. This is absolutely breath-taking.  :happycry: "
If I could bring myself to talk to any of them, it would probably be to give them my sincerest thanks for continuing to make artwork like this. They work so hard, yet they rarely ever receive any gratitude or appreciation from the people who see their work. If it weren't for artists like this, I doubt I would have continued to improve my own art. It's my dream to one day be able to create something as beautiful as everything I've seen.

Maybe, one day, when I have the courage, I'll sit down and actually talk to these people. Ask them what inspired them to draw. How long they've been painting, and when did they start. Did they take classes? I myself have only been drawing anime for about a year or so and I have no idea how far I'll be able to go. Hearing from them would probably give me a bit of hope for the future.Wish - Smiley 

Thank You Hearts Sign 

Being a part of deviantart has changed my life. It's inspired me to improve. Helped me to meet new people. And most importantly of all, it's helped me to discover who I am. I know now where I belong and what I want to do with my life. I doubt that if I hadn't spent as much time here, that I would have discovered this on my own. 
I want to continue in life as a Fantasy author and learn to draw fantasy artwork to speak to others, not just through words, but through the beauty of Art.
That is the ultimate goal of my life. And now, I will continue to work hard to make all of my dreams a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has been here for me. And thank you for giving me something more to reach for. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. 
Thank you all so very much. And thank you Deviantart for everything else and more.

Lily Thank you 
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  • Reading: Browsing through artwork.
  • Watching: my computer screen

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